Parwanoo- Because the soul yearns for melody and peace

Situated in the lap of Shivalik hills, Parwanoo is a serene and calm town. It’s not as famous as its neighboring cities but it offers you what very few cities does, Peace. It was our perfect break from 8 to 6 job and the hustle-bustle of metro life. When we entered the city, we were mesmerized by nature’s two contradictory aspects welcoming us with same warmth, the stubborn rocky mountains on one side and the beautiful green lush valley on the other. In Parwanoo, we re-lived our two most beautiful childhood memories, the sky full of stars and the clean, gentle breeze cradling our face.


Parwanoo is an industrial hub that connects you to other cities, Shimla, Kalka, Pinjore, Punchukla and Dagshai. This place does not have as many tourists rooming the cities as we had expected and might be that’s what make it feel at home. This town wakes up at 5 AM and sleep at 10 PM, a life that many of us have lived in our childhood. Even, if its neighboring cities are in your bucket list, find a place to live in Parwanoo, you won’t regret coming back to this city at night, tired because it has a perfect lullaby for your sleep.

Parwanoo’s  Special

Cable car ride on timber trail

Experience the charm of Parwanoo through cable ride. The adrenaline rush, tantalizing beauty of nature several feet below and the beastly hills guarding you would always be one of the best memories of Parwanoo.

This adventurous tour is offered by the Timber Trail Resort. The ride is open for all days of the week between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. If you are not one of the guest of this resort, then charges are applicable for this heart-thrilling experience.

Apology: We were so engrossed in the magical ride that we forgot to capture it for you.

Walia Pickles


If you are a lover of a non-vegetarian food, trust us, Walia Pickles won’t disappoint your taste buds. Located at NH-22, this shop offers you variety of pickles including pickles of chicken, boneless chicken, mutton, boneless mutton, fish, mushrooms, ginger and garlic. The taste of pickles just explode in your mouth and soothes your cravings.

Expert Reviews: These pickles were greatly appreciated and consumed in a jiffy by our colleagues.

Abode away from home

When we entered town, we had no idea about where we would stay. The city offered plenty of hotels, and we had a budget to maintain but without compromising our comfort and security. We parked our baby, under a tree’s shed. A nearby tea-stall was our first stoppage in the city. Who knows a city better than its residents and they told us about a hotel nearby. We decided to check it out and after that we didn’t need to look anywhere else.

Hotel Shiwalik

Located on the Kalka-Shimla highway, this Hotel is run by Himachal tourism. It perfectly captures you between sense of comfort and tranquility. The staff of the hotel is friendly and go beyond their call of duty to make you feel at home. The hotel gives you perfect view of nature and city life. A walk on its garden in the wee hours of morning and on its veranda at the late hours of the night are one of the mesmerizing moments of life. You can easily find the fuel for you ride and yourself just few blocks away.


The Foodie Junction

Being the foodie that we are, our biggest motive is to savour the flavour that the amazing hand all around the world offer and we can proudly say that Parwanoo didn’t dash our expectations. Although, Parwanoo doesn’t have its own distinct cuisine, but its street food was like a boon to our appetite. If you are home-sick, then Parwanoo knows how to make you smile; it offers you special food of your city, cooked in Parwanoo’s local spices.


The Shelly Restaurant

Located at Sector-1, Parwanoo, this restaurant would neither create a hole in your pocket nor dissatisfy your belly. Beautifully, designed in golden and red theme, this restaurant offers tasteful food for a hungry stomach after a tiresome day. The vast menu offers luxury for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers.


Jams and Juices

Parwanoo is also famous for its processed food. This town does not only offer you a scenery beauty but also offers nourishments for your body. The jams and juices manufactured by this town are a perfect blend of taste and health with a government seal on them.  


Paths To Your Destination

Nearest Airport– The nearest airport is Chandigarh which is about 30 Kms from the city

Nearest Railway station– The nearest railway station is Kalka which is about 4m Kms from the city.

Bus route- Regular bus services and state owned bus services connect the city to nearby cities and states.

The biker’s route- The ride to Parwanoo was thrilling and soothing. We started our ride from Mukarba Chawk New Delhi, and cruised our way towards Zirakpur via NH44 leaving our trails on Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal  and Ambala. Himalayan expressway connected us from Zirakpur to our final destination, Parwanoo. It felt as those highways were just made for riders and our love rode on them effortlessly at a speed of 100 plus. The roaring sound of our bike’s engine, the gushing air and the feel of the power and control on our beast marked a great ride in our book of life. The Shivalik hills welcomed us with their head held high and the gentle breeze of mountains kissed our face charmingly before pushing us in the arms of curvy roads.  With each passing miles, we fell more in love with the highways.

Sometimes, a town offers you what many welcoming arms doesn’t.




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