Kausani- Where Mountains Sings Lullaby.

An unplanned trip to Kausani and its neighboring Kumaon region had bestowed us with one of the enchanting memories of our life. Our last blog ‘Avy, backpack and miles of peace’ was about our enthralling ride to Kausani, but the story didn’t end there. A travel story never ends!


In love, again!

It was an extended weekend, thus we had to struggle to find a roof over our head. Difficult roads lead to beautiful destination and we finally found our abode, ‘Hotel Trishul Regency.’ Situated on the outskirt of Kausani, this hotel offers you a beautiful and raw view of the city. The rooftop restaurant and tea garden stretched on the back side of the Hotel, earns brownie points.














The moment, I saw the big white fluffy bed and the mountains peeking from the other end of the room, I jumped on the bed and dozed off in their dream; only to be woken next morning in the wee hours by an over-excited partner and was dragged to the roof. I was cranky and cribbed his ear off, but the moment my eyes adjusted to the view in front of me, I fell in love with the mountains and him, once again. The rising Sun had caste a golden shadow on the arrogant yet graceful mountains and clouds descended down to bow their respect to them. We patiently waited for a glimpse of the great Himalayan, but like a mischievous child, he just peered at us and hid behind the clouds.


Uncle, We Miss You!

Sometimes, the best part of a city is not a place but a person. We came across such a person on our way to Kausani market from our hotel. We heard a small call “garma garam pakorda aur pudina ki chutney kha lo” and didn’t pay any heed to it. We explored the market and decided to return to our warm blanket when we heard the same call. We decided to taste the snacks and tea offered by the old man on the roof of his house. On the earthen cooktop (chulha), he fried the pokarda. Those steaming hot pakordas served with mint chutney are one of the tastes, I still crave for. His company and life perspective was a reflection that we don’t need money and technology to be happy. Every morning, we had our breakfast, at ‘Mahesh Dhaba’ He is the reason I want to visit Kausani again and again.


Tourist Attractions:

One of the charms of Kausani is its sunrise when the morning rays shines on the Himalayan top. Unfortunately, the weather was not in our favor and we couldn’t witness the magic.

Anasakti Ashram: Famous for Mahatma Gandhi’s two week stay in the year 1929, this ashram is also known for the viewpoint of Nanda Devi and other 6 Himalayan peaks. It was at this place where Mahatma Gandhi named the city as the Switzerland of India and practiced Ansakti Yoga. This ashram also has a prayer room whose walls are adorned with rare picture of Mahatma Gandhi life. As far as your eyes could roam, you would find a teaching of Mahatma Gandhi steering your soul. However, beware of the sneaky and naughty monkeys. Pay respect to them and stay away.


Sumitranandan Pant Museum: Situated in one of the narrow lanes of the city, this museum was once the house of the great Indian poet Mr. Sumitranandan Pant. A guide re-defines the glory of this famous Indian poet and the lines from his poem highlighted in the room, took us back to our childhood days. The most fascinating part of this trip was his library; books from all across the world were caged in the shelves, waiting to be read once again by their owners.


Stargate Observatory: If the universe enchants you and you regret not pursuing your dream of being an astronaut then we will suggest you to visit this place. You can view the celestial bodies from the telescope in different time schedules and bask in the mightiness of the universe. It also has a small museum, gift shop and a roof top restaurant.



Baijnath Temple:

Constructed in 1200 AD in Nagara Style, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva where he is worshiped as Lord of Healing or Lord of Physicians. The Shivling is treasured in the sanctum and is surrounded by five projections. The center of the temple is preceded by Nandi. The sculptures of various Hindu Goddess and God have been beautifully sculpted on the temple walls. One of the attractions of this temple is the vast lake inhabited by feisty and beautiful fishes. This heritage of India is about 16 km from Kausani.


This was just a glimpse of the other charms of Kumaon region. Stay tuned for more!

Don’t plan your life, it’s unpredictable.

Don’t plan your trip; it’s a beautiful surprise!





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  1. shaikkadir says:

    Wonderful explanation of this wonderful place.

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    1. Secrets From A Biker's Backpack says:

      Thank you for appreciating our you can have a look at our other secrets as well keep supporting @secrets from a biker’s backpack


  2. Beautiful area, seems like you had a fantastic trip! : ) Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Secrets From A Biker's Backpack says:

      Yes it is called as mini Switzerland by Mahatma Gandhi i guess you have heard about Mr Gandhi,Thank you for stopping by


    2. Secrets From A Biker's Backpack says:

      Yes it is called as mini Switzerland of India by Mahatma Gandhi i guess you have heard about Mr Gandhi,Thank you for stopping by and showing some love

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  3. Brad Nixon says:

    Thank you for a look at an unknown part of the world for me, and thank you for visiting Under Western Skies.


  4. Secrets From A Biker's Backpack says:

    Thankyou for visiting and showing us love we suggest to read our other stories and follow for more secrets from our backpack


  5. Great blog, love India’s mountains, you brought it all back for me

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    1. Secrets From A Biker's Backpack says:

      Thankyou so much for stopping by ur appreciation means a lot, have a look on our other secrets also and keep following for more🥳

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